Transponder FAQ


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

  • How do I purchase a MyLaps Transponder?

The transponders can be purchased through OCMC or online from MyLaps. To purchase through the club, please reach out to Mellisa (

  • Are MyLaps Transponders available to rent?

Yes. OCMC will have rental transponders to all OCMC events available to rent as they are mandatory for every participant.

  • Can I use my transponder anywhere else?

Yes, they are widely used for Amateur events in Canada & the U.S., including AMO, BRMX, and U.S. events such as Loretta Lynn’s.

  • Can I order online?

Yes. OCMC is a Canadian representative and re-seller for all MYLaps products. This means you can purchase your MYLaps Transponder directly from the club. You can also order transponders directly from MyLaps online through their website.

  • If there is more than one rider in a family, how many transponders does one family need?

Transponders can be shared. Each transponder will have ID #. We will assign the transponder ID# to each rider that will be using it. As long as the riders are not in the same class, they can be shared.

  • How do the transponders attach to the bike?

You attach a quick mount clip to your fork tube with zip ties, then snap the transponder into the quick mount clip and secure with the strap. Note: The transponder comes with one clip. Additional clips will be available to purchase.