Meet Our Sponsors

Introducing Our Partners

We are proud to partner with some of the best companies in the dirt bike racing industry and beyond.

Support those who support OCMC

We are grateful for the support of our sponsors who make our races possible.

Trace Fire Trace Electric

Brinks Property Services

Sewer Squad

No Limit Power Sports

Babin’s Automotive


Flexcell Automation

ATC Corral

Hubbs Performance and Coatings



Parts Canada

Twigs and Trunks

The Burton Group

Burton Contracting

A1 Contracting

CLM Designs

Motorsports Pickering

Burnett Stump Grinding

The Cleaning Concern

Toronto Drains and Waterproofing

Uxbridge Motorsports

Sign Hub

Northport Aviation

GP Bikes

Blackstock Motorsports

Robert Cripps Construction

Sponsorship Opportunities

At OCMC, we value the support of our sponsors and strive to provide value in return. We also offer custom packages tailored to fit your specific marketing goals and budget. Reach out to social.ocmc@gmail.com for more information.

Benefits for Our Sponsors

Investing in our club offers numerous advantages for our sponsors.

Increase Brand Visibility

Targeted Advertising Opportunites

Connect with Your Target Audience

Support a Healthy and Active Community