Transponders can be shared. Each transponder will have ID #. We will assign the transponder ID# to each rider that will be using it. As long as the riders are not in the same class, they can be shared. Note: If sharing a transponder, there will need to be a least 1 moto between your moto’s. There is not enough time to change transponders in back to back races as the 2nd race has started before the 1st race is finished.

You attach a quick mount clip to your fork tube with zip ties, then snap the transponder into the quick mount clip and secure with the strap. Note: The transponder comes with one clip. Additional clips will be available to purchase.

A cable is buried across the finish line and the transponder is recognized from below. Every time you pass the finish line, no matter the number of bikes, you are recorded. This will produce immediate, accurate race results.

Life expectancy is 8 – 10 years. Warranty is 3 years – full replacement for non working items – assuming they are not busted up and broken. Your Transponder is always covered under warranty as long as you have subscribed to keep it activated. Your transponder also has insurance for damage. If you damage your Transponder, you can return it for a replacement once every three years.

The transponders can be purchased on line at or at the track at any of our events.

OCMC does not rent transponders for Tuesday night Racing. At some events where another club is co-hosting transponders may be available for rental.

Simply use your transponder on your buddies bike. No notification to the score keeper is necessary as the computer is reading the transponder, not the # on the bike.

Your personal transponder TR2 kit comes with the transponder, mounting bracket, 110v charger. The cost of the kit is $180.00. Additional brackets are $15.00.

A full charge takes about 5 hours and will last about 5 days

Yes, they are widely used for Amateur events in Canada & the U.S., including Loretta Lynn’s.

Yes. MMRS is the official Canadian representative and re-seller for all MYLaps products. This means you can purchase your MYLaps Transponder directly from www.mmrs.ca/transponders and have it delivered right to your door.