Rider Information Overview


No. Unfortunately you must register yourself for each race using our Race Registration tab in the main menu. This is because of the waiver that must be signed upon registration. 

You can push or ride your bike to the staging area and start line. If you are riding your bike you must be wearing your helmet and are not permitted to have anyone else on the bike with you.

Sandra Bain is our OCMC Photographer. Occasionally other photographers also come to the track and events. If other photographers are at an OCMC event we do our best to share their information and photos on our Facebook page.

The length of each moto depends on various factors such as the amount of daylight we have, number of entries, as well as how many volunteers we have helping get the track ready. When you arrive at the track please see an Exec member if you can lend a hand in getting the track ready for racing. The more volunteers we have the sooner we can get to racing! (Remember, OCMC is a volunteer based club)

If you need more information,
please contact us